Soundbath Sessions in Auroville!

Soundbath Sessions in Auroville!

Auroville Musician Vera Joshi will conduct a Sound-bath on the meditative Singing Bells. Participants, as they lie on cushions surrounding the bells, physically experience their reverberations.

Date: 16th, 23rd and 30th December (All on Mondays)

Time: 3.00 pm to 4.15 pm (Registration from 2.30 pm)

Place: Kripa Hall, Kalabhumi Community, Auroville

Guest Contribution required.

All are Welcome!

Vera Plays at the Matrimandir on 01-01-2019 eve

‘Impulses Sublime’

This earth shall stir with impulses sublime,

Humanity awake to deepest self,

Nature the hidden godhead recognise.

Russian Singing Bells in the Amphitheatre. Entrance by the Office Gate. Guests are requested to carry their Aurocards.


Visitors' hour for concentration in the Matrimandir as usual in the morning

between 9 and 11.30am as per their respective bookings.


Bonne Année and Happy New Year to All!

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