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21st February shooting star by Pau Pauer

(Auroville News and Notes, 21 June 2008)

“Dear all, now that my departure day is very close, I would like to share a special experience I had in the evening of the Mother’s Birthday. I’m a long term guest, arrived together with my partner at the end of October to Auroville, at the age of 27. I had barely an idea of what Auroville was and I came with a quite sceptical and rational mentality about it all and life in general. Yet I’ve always had a deep inner world and a special connection with nature and the existence of “something else”. Since I arrived here my sensitivity grew a lot and I learnt many things about myself which I didn’t know, but always having an inner fight with my rational mentality (result of my western education in Spain). During this time here I had a few omens or confirmations, as I interpret them and I’ll explain you a touching one, at least for me: Continue reading

Ringing in the New Music Auroville to celebrate Christmas with Russian Bells

(Auroville News and Notes, 15 Dec 2007)

A new and very special musical instrument is now under construction in Auroville. Visiting Russian bell master and inventor, Alexander Zhikharev, has begun work on a projected set of 24 plate brass bells. These bells will be suitable for solo, collective or therapeutic performances. Continue reading