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Welcoming the Peace Bell in the International Zone of Auroville

IMG_3778_s2nd September, 2015

Dear Friends,

On this Friday, 4th of September at 5.15 pm, we are going to have a Welcoming of the Peace Bell in the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in the International Zone of Auroville. There will be a meditation with a deeply resonating tone of the Peace Bell and the Russian Singing Bells played by Vera.

Please come and join us, or be with us in your heart at this moment.

In Love, Gratitude and Peace,


The Peace Bell in Auroville


1 September 2015

The ten months’ journey is nearly over. The Peace Bell has arrived from Moscow to Auroville on the sacred day of 15th August 2015.  The truck with the big, human height aluminum plate bell of 82 kg reached Matrimandir gate at six in the morning, during the dawn bonfire in honour of Sri Aurobindo’s birthday – an unexpected Grace for the project team taken as a blessing to the purpose of the Peace Bell.

The dedication of the Peace Bell took place the same day, at six in the evening at the Matrimandir Amphitheater, during the musical offering with the Russian Singing Bells attended by many Aurovilians and guests. As the sun was slowly setting, the deep, enveloping, long resonating sounds created the atmosphere of almost a palpable silence, inducing a state of peaceful concentration. Here you can have some glimpses of the event recorded by our everhelpful Manohar.

This Friday, 4th of September, the Peace Bell is going to be installed in the Pavilion of the Tibetan Culture in the International Zone of Auroville – please be with us during the inauguration hour between 5 and 6 pm!

Deep gratitude to all those who by their work, donations, guidance or just the good will made the Peace Bell in Auroville a reality – friends from the Auroville Foundation, the International Zone Coordination group, the Auroville International worldwide, the Matrimandir Amphitheater group, the Working Committee, the Auroville Unity Fund, the Russian Pavilion group, the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, Ricardo and the New Dawn carpentry team, Aryadeep, B, Claude J., John H., Lijun, Paula Murphy, Prasad and team, Roma, Surya and Vasanthi and other Aurovilian friends and well-wishers, as well as to our friends from Bangalore. The voice of the Peace Bell has been supported by now by people from 24 countries (in alphabetical order) – Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Moldova, Netherlands, Oman, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela. Our heartfelt gratitude to the bell-master Alexander Zhikharev, who carries the life-long aspiration to manifest Beauty in sound.  We aspire that our project grows further inviting greater beauty and harmony and contributing towards the unfolding of Auroville.

And thank you very much to all those who have already answered to our call and helped us cover some extra expenses for the project. We still need 75000 rupees (equals to 1100 USD or 1000 Euros), so any donation is highly appreciated. (Please find the account details in the previous post.)

In hope of future realizations,

The Peace Bell project team –

Vera Lipen, Asheh Joshi, Vyacheslav Mitevsky (from Auroville), Sergey Novotny, Sergey Kornienko (from Moscow, with Auroville in their hearts)

Peace Bell for the International Zone of Auroville project report

Peace Bell image

8 August, 2015

Dear friends,

As you may know, in November 2014 I started fundraising for the project of bringing to Auroville a special big, human height plate bell, made by the inventor of the Russian Singing Bells, which most of you were able to enjoy listening to in Auroville.

The Peace Bell is intended to be a symbolical contribution from Russia to the overall International Zone development. The aspiration is that its deep and long resonating tone will help to focus energies on the work, that the Mother, the founder of Auroville, meant for this area – discovering the souls of nations and manifesting them here, exploring their diversity and oneness as the means to overcome the causes for controversies between nations and grow consciously together towards peaceful and harmonious life on our planet, becoming one humanity, capable to manifest the New Consciousness of Oneness.

People of good will from 22 countries contributed towards making the Peace Bell for Auroville and a total amount of 2.5 lakhs rupees was raised, which was the estimated cost of the project. Due to technical reasons the manufacturing of the Peace Bell had to be shifted to Moscow, instead of Auroville. This increased the expenses for the project, which are now nearing 4 lakhs. Friends of Auroville from India stepped forward and have generously offered fifty thousand rupees, so now we are short of the final 1 lakh rupees (equals to 1600 USD or 1450 Euros).

The project team is now working on delivering the Peace Bell from Moscow to Auroville, and if the miracle happens, we may be even able to hear and enjoy its magnificent tone on the 15th of August in the  Matrimandir Amphitheater!

I would like to deeply thank all those people, who helped to make it happen – beautiful hearts from Russia, India, China, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, USA, Belarus, UK, Bulgaria, Israel, Moldova, Ukraine, Sweden, Turkey, France, Japan, Colombia, Switzerland, Venezuela, Australia, Hungary and of course, Auroville (please let me know in case I forgot somebody!)

Please join in in our efforts and contribute generously.   Let it be done in a spirit of supporting the good will for peace from your country, even with a token donation.

Our accounts detail:

For transfers from outside India:


IFSC:                SBIN0003160

Bank Name:   State Bank of India

Branch Code: 03160

A/C Holder:    Auroville Unity Fund Foreign

A/c Number:  10237876508

Beneficiary:     Auroville Unity Fund


State Bank Postal address: Auroville International Township Branch

Main Road Auroville


Auroville 605 101

Tamil Nadu-INDIA

Ph. 0413 2622137

Email: avunityfund@auroville.org.in

In case of cheque or draft please make payable to “Auroville Unity Fund”

AV Unity Fund postal address:

Auroville Unity Fund,

Town Hall, Auroville

605101, Tamil Nadu, India

For transfers inside India (80G, 50%):


MICR code 60 500 2007

A/c with State Bank of India

Branch: Auroville International Township Branch

Address: Kuilapalayam



A/c Holder Auroville Unity Fund Main

A/c Number 10237876031


Please DO REMEMBER to specify the purpose Peace Bell project and kindly inform Vera at vera.auroville@gmail.com, cc to  avunityfund@auroville.org.in

For transfers within Auroville kindly use Financial Service “Peace Bell” account # 251862

Your support is much appreciated!

Russian bells for full moon

On Wednesday, for the full moon, Vera, an Aurovillian women from Belarus, played traditional Russian bells at Repos’ beach. Many people are listening to the concert, sitting next to her or on the beach, to enjoy even better this meditation in front of the moon. While the moon rose in the sky, with her magical colors, the sound of the bells was in perfect harmony with the waves of the Ocean. After the concert, the public shared a delicious Russian dinner with the soup called borch, salad, pancake and chocolate dessert in a friendly atmosphere. Continue reading

The Wonders of Resonance by Vera Lipen

(Auroville News and Notes, 21 March 2009)

 In December 2007, a unique musical instrument, a very special gift of Russia appeared in Auroville. Born out of strong aspiration to express the Beauty and Harmony in sound, the plate bells created by Russian bell master Alexander Zhikharev may very well be called the forerunner of the “new family” of musical instruments designed for playing the music of vibrations. The uniqueness and power of the sound come from the perfect integration into a single metal plate the laws of harmony inherent in Nature. Each bell plate being a separate musical instrument is at the same time perfectly tuned with all the other plates. And that provides incomparable possibilities for intuitive experiments, individual as well as collective. Silent listening to the sound is enough to open the door to inner harmony. And then the music is born, right on the spot, spontaneously, music not pre-composed and pre-rehearsed, guided only by the inner conductor. Continue reading