Sound as Unifier

Sound operates through the law of Resonance. Resonance eliminates the limitations of the “sender and receiver dynamic.” Resonance is where two become one, where minds join. Resonance is, in itself, a state of awareness and experiential knowing far beyond concept and mental, cognitive thinking. On the vibration field-body-time level, resonance is the experiential state of Oneness.

Sound frequency resonance can open the doorways to the infinite by dissolving defenses, walls and boundaries. In this context, a defense, wall or boundary is a place, perception or experience in the mind-body that is not in resonance with the whole. Sound has the ability to bring this place back into Oneness by changing its rate of vibration through sympathetic vibration – Resonance. Depending on the frequencies being used, sound vibratory resonance can facilitate accessing a state of understanding and knowing without the need for limits, fears and defenses. Sound waves can travel below the order of mental cognitive defense structures and deliver a deeper experiential state of harmony. Resonance is not a mental idea. It is a visceral knowing-feeling state beyond question. We call this Sound Frequency Healing.

Fluid Resonance

On the 3-dimensional level, the body is more than 70% water. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s groundbreaking work in Messages From Water provides factual evidence that the sound structures the water into coherent geometric shapes. The cells function and formulate according to a fluid resonance-movement. Systemic resonance based on thought, harmony and vibration informs the water and brings it into more coherency, which allows for more vitality.
When a system is in a state of discord, it is no longer operating as a whole. Instead, its different parts operate independently, disrupting intelligence and communication and decreasing vitality. This phenomenon is seen in “cancer,” when “cancer cells” begin to operate independently, causing a breakdown in systemic function. By exposing the entire mind-body system to fundamental sound frequencies, the system can come back into harmony through resonance.

With the right combination of frequencies and through the law of resonance, sound has the ability to tune the mind into a resonant state beyond dualism and into the total unity of Whole-Mind Intelligence. This state of Oneness leads to an experience far greater than the local, limited, “fetch wood, carry water,” result-driven linear thinking state. This greater experience allows us to question the nature of reality, to realize we are not the form but the infinite mind projecting the form, to make decisions and act accordingly.

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