Ringing in the New Music Auroville to celebrate Christmas with Russian Bells

(Auroville News and Notes, 15 Dec 2007)

A new and very special musical instrument is now under construction in Auroville. Visiting Russian bell master and inventor, Alexander Zhikharev, has begun work on a projected set of 24 plate brass bells. These bells will be suitable for solo, collective or therapeutic performances.

For Alexander, the design of these bells comes as the outcome of many years of research. “All my life I longed for a strong and beautiful sound and could not find it anywhere, as if something was missing in the world of Earth sounds. All the books told me that only a bell can give the most powerful sound, so I myself learned to cast traditional bells”, says Alexander, “but still I felt it was not the sound that I was looking for”.

More than ten years of experimentation at last gave birth to… simplicity. Simple rectangles of brass and bronze revealed sounds of astonishing character; sounds so compelling that they could hold listeners indefinitely.

Due to their unique ability to inspire and transcend, bells have been used globally in spiritual ceremony and ritual since ancient times. This new instrument leads deep into inner experience, helping us to unite with Universal vibration. We hope that these bells, born of sincerity and intense aspiration, will call forth the Truth.

The instrument will be presented to the Auroville community on the 24th of December at the Visitors Centre.

Warren Summers, Ekaterina Vladimirova, Vera Lipen

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