Thank you from the Rainbow Child program we told with our pictures. There were 10 children in the class. It’s good to have such a place in Auroville. With love…


Probably one of the best sounds I have ever heard. I simply loved the way the music sounds, like in the depth of the Earth, the vibrations linger on. Kin of feels like the soul of the Earth. The sheer inspiration you experiment with, so refreshing! Loved it thoroughly!

10/04/2009    Bangalore   

A magical and healing journey into the realm of sound and actually vibration, which is the core of all creation. So grateful, so blessed. Opened to the Universe – Universum: towards unity in the Pavillion of Unity. Om Namo Bhagavate. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

07/01/2010    Bangalore   

Thank you so much for letting me “feel” the bells. Your enthusiasm is contagious J. It was a joy to play with you. Soooo beautiful sound. Amazed by the huge bells and their different tones at the same bell and their vibrations. Peace and Light.


We came already second time for Vera’s class. Unusual, Divine sounds. And we ourselves were able to play and express something – a very joyful experience. Thank you, Vera, for unforgettable experience. These sounds are very harmonizing for the body, the cells joyfully receive them. Thank you.

18/08/2009    St-Petersburg   

A few number of bells, a little guidance, a wide openness to all players… what a beautiful way of feeling as ONE! Thanks for Being, dear Bells!…


The sound, all the vibrations, going through the body removing and creating. Feelings and emotions, that cannot be expressed by words, just being one with the sound. Thanks so much for these wonderful experience.


The bells are truly a very harmonious and peaceful experience. I was truly amazed at how 2 people who have never played the instrument together could have made the beautiful sounds that I heard! I look forward to a performance of the bells. Vera is really inspiring through her enthusiasm and ….Love for life.

09/08/2009    Bangalore   

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