Russian Singing Bells – an expression of Mother Russia

(Auroville, 20th March 2008)

‘Russian Singing Bells’, a recent invention and a gift to Auroville invites a play of consciousness with those it interacts. Here we have an instrument, perhaps the forerunner amongst instruments which provides a rich music and still does not demand from its player a very strict discipline and an eventual mastery of its outer forms. Continue reading

Ringing in the New Music Auroville to celebrate Christmas with Russian Bells

(Auroville News and Notes, 15 Dec 2007)

A new and very special musical instrument is now under construction in Auroville. Visiting Russian bell master and inventor, Alexander Zhikharev, has begun work on a projected set of 24 plate brass bells. These bells will be suitable for solo, collective or therapeutic performances. Continue reading

Song of the Bells by Sina Karow in Auroville

 (24 December 2007)

Experience of a person who first time heard the sound of the Russian Singing Bells made by Alexander Zhikharev

Suddenly alert. Listening attentively. Sitting upright, bent over a little to the side of the ear that was closer to the source of the phenomenon, then turning the head to estimate the distance and direction of that source. “What is that sound?”  ”Uh? Oh, I think it’s the bells.” “I’m sorry, but can we continue with this meeting later? I just can’t … I have to go there.” Continue reading