Sound as Unifier

Sound operates through the law of Resonance. Resonance eliminates the limitations of the “sender and receiver dynamic.” Resonance is where two become one, where minds join. Resonance is, in itself, a state of awareness and experiential knowing far beyond concept and mental, cognitive thinking. On the vibration field-body-time level, resonance is the experiential state of Oneness. Continue reading

In search of the Divine Harmony

2014-01-19_MM Unity Garden_IMG_5651_s“The role of music consists in helping the consciousness to rise towards spiritual heights.” (The Mother)

Almost all the visitors who came to Auroville since past six years have listened to and enjoyed the profound vibrations of the special musical instrument called «Russian Singing Bells». It is a set of differently sized brass plates, hit with several kinds of mallets. Vera, a young Aurovilian from Minsk, Belarus (a former USSR Republic), in search of something deep and beautiful, worthy to represent Mother Russia in the International Zone of Auroville, has discovered in Moscow this special instrument invented by a famous Russian bell-master Alexander Zhikharev. Vera has convinced Alexander to come to Auroville to create there a set of plates, which was presented to the Auroville community on the 22nd of December 2007 at the Unity Pavilion. Since then, Vera gave many public concerts at different places in and out of Auroville: the Matrimandir Amphitheatre, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the Unity garden of Matrimandir, CRIPA, Tibetan Pavilion, International House, some Auroville communities and other places, like near the Inuksuk during the International Zone of Auroville re-dedication ceremony February 2014. The Russian Singing Bells were there to mark the laying of the foundation stone and the completion of the Unity Pavilion and the Hall of Peace in the International Zone, as well as the inauguration of the Peace Table for Asia in the Hall of Peace. During four years they received the visitors in the Unity Pavilion for the collective bell-ringing programs. The sound of these Bells has been so much appreciated, that over the last few years Vera has been invited with her programs to several European countries (Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey), and also to the US. Continue reading