21st February shooting star by Pau Pauer

(Auroville News and Notes, 21 June 2008)

“Dear all, now that my departure day is very close, I would like to share a special experience I had in the evening of the Mother’s Birthday. I’m a long term guest, arrived together with my partner at the end of October to Auroville, at the age of 27. I had barely an idea of what Auroville was and I came with a quite sceptical and rational mentality about it all and life in general. Yet I’ve always had a deep inner world and a special connection with nature and the existence of “something else”. Since I arrived here my sensitivity grew a lot and I learnt many things about myself which I didn’t know, but always having an inner fight with my rational mentality (result of my western education in Spain). During this time here I had a few omens or confirmations, as I interpret them and I’ll explain you a touching one, at least for me:

In the evening of the 21st of February we went to the amphitheatre to enjoy a concert of Russian Bells, as one of the events for Mother’s Birthday. We sat having the Matrimandir behind us. The performance was very nice: still with clear day light, slowly from the Matrimandir the players were distributing themselves walking around the Urn in the different levels of stairs, making ring the bells when they felt it. For several minutes they played this way and the atmosphere was very magic. Suddenly one of the musicians lifted his hand and the rest of the players, when realizing this, very softly, stopped walking and playing. When all of them had stopped I could still feel the vibration of the bells in the air and the quietness and energy of the moment was very special, amazing. In that very instant I was looking at the sky when suddenly a huge shooting star drew a horizontal line in the sky before dividing itself in two and disappearing… I was astonished! I wasn’t able to believe what my eyes had seen. It was day light! I had never seen such a big shooting star, and much less dividing itself in two! So I looked back at the people seating behind us and they were pointing out at the sky with impressed faces. My partner didn’t see the shooting star but she saw the amazed people behind us. That confirmed me that it wasn’t my imagination…

After that, the bells started sounding again and the concert continued “normally”. I couldn’t concentrate anymore. My mind and my feelings were shocked and then I realized that that was a wink, a sign, a confirmation to my deepest feelings as encouraging me to go on in the search of myself. That really helped me to overcome some doubts…

A few months later, an Aurovillian friend told me that the day of Mother’s Birthday was also the day of arrival to Auroville of the impressive statue of Sri Aurobindo, which is at Savitri Bhavan…

I wanted to share this experience with you all as a little gift and let you know how thankful we are to have lived these months in Auroville.

See you soon,

by Pau Pauer

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